Note to Self No.4



I was months late in my submission of research proposal. As I shared with my guru, “I did a lot of writing during the first part of the year but unfortunately, not for my proposal.” He replied, “Do not judge it as an unfortunate event. Nothing is good or bad, as everything happens as planned by the Universe. Judgement only comes from the mind.”

Yeah, there must be a purpose for every delay, my cut-short practice and the coming of Mr. Right included. I hope someday the Universe will be kind enough to let me know their purpose and allow me to rejoice in my longer list of ‘buti-na-lang’ moments. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Note to Self No.4

  1. OC-ness. Merging my two notes here.

    Found this in an old entry way back in 2008 (lifted from Linda’s Yoga Journey):

    “You live in a world of illusions. A world that springs from a much deeper and far greater reality. And while at times the illusions are indeed ugly, with your physical senses you only see the tip of the iceberg. If you could see the whole, you’d discover that the unpleasantness was only the tiniest piece of a most spectacular puzzle that was created with order, intelligence, and absolute love. You’d see that contrary to appearances, in the grandest scheme of things, nothing is ever lost, no one becomes less, and setbacks are always temporary. And you’d understand that no matter what has happened, everyone lives again, everyone laughs again, and everyone loves again, even more richly than before.”


  2. Tonight, I spent 5.5 hours on the road on my way home. That was fast–others have spent 3 hours in one city alone and still counting. No thanks to the heavy rains that caused the terrible traffic. In my case, I had to take a longer route, traveling farther East, then West-ward back to where I live. Longer than usual but it took me home faster. That’s the way life is—sometimes, the longer route is the faster, safer, surer way. Om.

    I stop complaining.

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