Things I Wanted To but Never Dared Say


  1. No scripture ever said that using deodorant is vanity; it is okay to apply before class.
  2. Every mat will roll out gently if you hold it at one end; no need to flap it unless you want to make a statement “I’m here, look at me.”
  3. No audition is being held for shampoo commercial in the shala. Seriously.
  4. You have halitosis.
  5. Ironically, practice (rehearsal) adjustment does not mean it is done during someone’s practice (regular activity), unless the practitioner gives consent (which requires a lot of social capital).
  6. Do not take cough medicine before class lest you sound/act drunk. Ginger works.
  7. Follow the fasting rule. Yes, the class can hear your burps and farts and can actually guess what you last ate.
  8. In an extremely crowded shala, accept that the different body parts of your neighbors will fall on your mat and it is perfectly okay. (And in kurmasana, no one can keep her/his arms within the mat’s width.)
  9. It is rude to watch someone’s practice, unless perhaps s/he is a diva yogi. Drishti is designed for a purpose—trust the sages’ wisdom.
  10. Do not hog attention. You just don’t.

2 thoughts on “Things I Wanted To but Never Dared Say

    • Haha! SRO kanina! Kahit sa closing area, SRO pa rin! “I need air, I need space, I need something to eat” that’s my exit mantra 😉 Saka maaga ako natatapos. If we’re going to eat breakfast after practice, I need to bring a book to keep me company while waiting.

      No, of course not. Hindi ikaw ang maingay maglagay ng mat…pero ikaw ba yung nag burp? Joke! 😛 I actually enjoy our Perea practice partly because people there are, for lack of a better term, more mature. Walang nag-uusap, walang nag-groan (except for one), walang nag swan dive sa surya kahit SRO na, walang unstable energy (except for a few), walang nakalugay ang buhok, at higit sa lahat, walang maangal sa teacher (except for me, but at least I do not verbalize it, haha!).

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