Loyalty, Commitment, Sincerity

This thought on loyalty has been bugging me since I had an unpleasant experience with a bank manager last week. When friends asked me why I still stick with this bank despite its poor service and the presence of so many other banks in the country, I answered “Because loyalty is my default action and only under extreme condition do I resort to exit.”

Not only when it comes to products, services, brands, and institutions am I loyal. I usually give family and friends more than second chances when they cross boundaries, rightly or wrongly. However, in this time and age, in this market-dominated era, with this pleasure/happiness-seeking generation, does it still pay to be loyal?

Then came this article by grandguru Paul.

It has always been my dilemma when to hang on and practice loyalty and commitment, and when to let go and move on. Om.

“So above all strive to be kind and compassionate and mature your practice along lines of loyalty, commitment and sincerity. This is love.”


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