Scene at the Airport

You don’t break a child’s heart. Never.

Was at the gate, waiting to board, when all of a sudden burst of laughter caught my attention: three toddlers were running and laughing just a few meters from where I sat. Maybe they were siblings…nah, their ages were too close to one another so they must be cousins, I thought. As I watched them have a great time and converse in a language only they could understand, a woman approached them, grabbing one by the hand and instructing another to follow her. The third child (in pink in photo below) was left to herself. Huh? What’s happening here? Another woman came to this child, who by this time were already in tears. She must be the mother and apparently, the three children were not related, at least not the one in pink with the two others.


The mother of the two was, er, cold, to say the least. She did not even acknowledge the presence of the friendly, innocent child. Is it too hard to ask where her parents are? Is it such a burden to bid her goodbye as her playmates have to go? She just left with her children, completely ignoring the other as if she were non-existent. My heart cried out with her.

Not long after, the friendly toddler found another family with two children (again)–an infant and another girl slightly bigger than her. The family was cordial, even sharing the kids’ snacks with the welcome guest. Soon, the children were having a grand time playing and everybody seemed happy, not minding the long wait at the gate.


Now if we, adults, could be as confident as this little girl in pink in reaching out and making friends…in getting up and moving on when her heart gets broken…if we could all learn to share what we have no matter how small it is, to be polite and welcoming, to laugh and play with people beyond our comfortable social circles…then maybe we could be as happy as she is!


Maybe the Bible is correct after all (Matthew 18:3)–unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.


I think one of my God-given talents is the ability to always amuse myself. Either that or I am quite an interesting person that there is never a dull moment when I am alone! Ha! 😛



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