Things My Yoga Teachers Need to Know About Me and Then Some

My neck is SHORT. Can’t do chakrasana.

My arms are SHORT. Can’t do jump-through. To put it more positively, my legs are long!

For the same reason above, can’t do the transition from bhuja and tittibasana to bakasana.

I am flat-footed–this could be an excuse for some poses I can’t do.

Inversions make me either deaf or dumb, so please give your instructions when my head is where it is normally found.

If I could, I would. Seriously.

Of the multiple intelligences, I score lowest in kinesthetic. Second lowest is musical, followed by spatial. If you had seen how awful a driver I was—and hence I stopped driving years ago—you’ll understand why I do what I do on the mat.  I thus have better chances in chanting.

I am a virtual-experiential learner. If you want me to learn something, you have to show it to me or let me “feel” it. However, when I am upside-down, nothing will work. 😛


On a more serious note, I really wish people would practice drishti. Better yet, I wish people would stop looking around AND evaluating other people’s practice. As I have told someone, yoga is a practice, not a performance; hence, there is no place for performance assessment in the shala. If the teacher does the assessment, fine, that’s his/her prerogative. If a practitioner does that to his/her fellow, it’s nothing but the work of one’s ego. If a practitioner does a self-assessment, fine, s/he could do that in her/his private, silent moment. If one does that in public, s/he is either fishing for compliment or simply attracting attention. Either way, it is still the work of one’s ego.

During my very first yoga class—flow, which does not prescribe drishti—my first lesson was this (quoting teacher):

Stop looking around, mind your own practice. Watching your neighbor makes you competitive. Competition does not have a place in yoga.


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