Yoga in HK

Nope, I did not go to the annual Asia yoga conference although I could have done so. BUT, I was faithful—I practiced in my room overlooking the football field that reminded me of someone.


An eagle seemed to hover over my window during my whole stay in Hong Kong. Every time I did the upward dog, I could not help but admire this eagle soaring in the air…and get distracted in the process. Om.



During my shala practice before I left for my short break, YT made me do drop backs—my first time under him. You see, I dread three parts of my Ashtanga practice: 1) supta kurmasana; 2) urdhva dhanurasana; and 3) drop backs. In the past few weeks I have taught myself to overcome my fear of things turned upside down during urdhva dhanurasana by self talk. “Breathe, relax, it’s okay. Everything will be fine.” My mantra has been working since. Drop back is another story though. For the past four years, I have feared dropping back even when I know that someone is spotting me. I always go for the wall and never manage to convince myself that it’s going to be okay, as I did in urdhva dhanurasana. Maybe because I did fall on a few occasions—on my head, back, butt, what have you—in the past during drop backs. My past YT set it as my goal to learn to do drop back on my own when I reach a certain age (which I will not reveal here, ha!). Missed that goal already.

This time, however, when YT instructed me to drop from standing position, I turned to my emotions right away. “How are you feeling?” Before I could answer, I found myself dropping back already. I had no idea then what happened (and my next post will be on this topic) but I was not a bit scared at that time, each time. Hence, when I was in HK, I wanted to check if it was mere stroke of luck. Chamba ulit? Knowing that nobody was there to spot me and my friend with whom I was staying would be rather useless sleeping like a log in her room if something happens, I dared do drop back on my own, three times. So it wasn’t chamba after all! Yay!


Grateful, simply grateful, for my four-day me-time in HK. I woke up when I woke up, ate when I wanted to, no daily itinerary to follow, no goals to achieve, no agenda, letting what should happen happen. Lucky to have spent those days with my college friend, who made life easier for me. As I told her, I was lucky to have shared in her good karma 🙂 I would surely miss my space in her pad, which served as my sanctuary even for only three nights. Sigh. Indeed, there are people and places that change you forever albeit your encounter is quite brief. Om.


2 thoughts on “Yoga in HK

  1. It was indeed a relaxing time with you here, Chon. And yes … this place is my sanctuary too … such a blessing to be here, although quite short.

    • Waaaah! And you read my blog?! *blush* Thanks, Rose, for sharing with me that sanctuary, more so for the _5 years of friendship (baka magkabukuhan ng edad dito). 🙂

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