Holding the Space

“My first encounter with this concept was when my daughter was still a small child. She stood beside a deep roadside canal, wanting to leap to the other side. But before she did, she looked at me. I looked back at her, not saying or doing anything; I was just there. Then she leapt to the other side. I just did that—held the space for my daughter. My mere presence empowered her and gave her confidence to do what she wanted to do.”

So said a friend (actually, my mentor, guru, life coach, spiritual and career director but never wanted to be called such) over dinner shortly after I arrived from my trip. As he spoke, I seemed to relive the moment YT asked to do drop backs. Then, AHA moment! I knew that was exactly what happened that was why I was fearless, for the first time, to do it. Whether YT consciously did it or not, whether he acknowledges it or not, that’s what he did. Thank you, Arne, for holding the space. 

Sigh. I wish someone will always be there to hold the space for me (especially when self talk does not work anymore :-P). And I mean that not only in my yoga practice.


Some nuggets of wisdom that night:

  • When you do your mission, all resources will pour in for you to carry it out.
  • Sensing is being. Living in the present moment. Discernment. Contemplation. No agenda. No plans. Allow your mission to unfold before you. Sensing is difficult in this rational world where everything has to be based on data, evidence, reason, or logic.
  • Feel your gut. Listen to it. It does not lie.




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