Why I Am Loving Led Class

Again. And even the ‘killer’ led class at that. šŸ˜‰


Because practitioners start at the same time, so there are no rushing energies that tend to disrupt the flow of the class. I do not understand why during mysore, when students come at their own convenience, they still enter the shala panicky? anxious?

Because it promotes discipline. Do as you are instructed. No leaving of posts to drink, go to the restroom, or chat at the bar. Therefore, unnecessary movements are minimized.

Because it forces you to focus–on the breath, on what the teacher is saying, on your movement. Ergo, there are less opportunities for the mind to wander.

Because it brings you out of your comfort zone and thus expands your limits. Sure, it is not easy to adjust to YT’s rhythm, which is not necessarily in sync with your own (which, admittedly, was my initial reaction to that killer class, ha!), but that’s where you get the stretch.

Led class causes me mat burn. Seriously. But so what?


Side note: It’s not in the mat. It’s not in the brand of yoga outfit nor the facilities of the shala/studio either. Photos were taken during the practice of the UP Pep Squad. Go batchmates, haha! šŸ˜›


One thought on “Why I Am Loving Led Class

  1. Another point:

    Because I am not kinesthetically gifted, I need to use mind power or the power of concentration to compensate for my lack of brute force in doing the asanas. It means I need focus and hence, a quiet, steady environment to achieve it.

    After experimenting with my yoga towels a few times, I realized that it is not the led class per se that has caused me mat burns–it is the silicon studs! Now I am back to using my old stud-free Aquazorb and a couple of new latest-tech towels sponsored by the Universe (my next blog entry on this topic šŸ™‚ )

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