Message to an Angel

If I were to join the Miss Universe pageant and got asked if I had any regret in life, my answer would be this: 

Around this time three years ago, I met an angel on a plane. I was the second from the last to board, he the last. Understandably, by the time I (and he) boarded, all overhead compartments were full already except for the one a few rows before my seat (and near his, as it turned out). So I put my hand-carried luggage there and took my place. He followed suit, pushing my luggage further inside and my thought seeing him do this was “WTH?! Now I need to climb up the seat to get my bag!” (Yes, I am not that tall.) Hence, I gave him a dagger look, never mind if he was really good looking–my bag was the most important thing to me at the time. So when it’s time to disembark, I decided to wait at my seat, letting all people go first so that no one would see me struggle to get my stuff…looking outside the window, sending SMS’s, waiting. Then lo and behold, even before everyone had gone, I found my bag just beside me! Argh! For the first time, I really regretted being b*****—not because he was good looking (but of course that also mattered, ha!) but because he was a gentleman after all (shame on me!).

Since then I have called him “my lost angel” and if I ever find him again, I would say “sorry for the dagger look and thank you for being nice to me despite that…how about coffee?” For now, I am sending this message to him through the universe—sorry and thank you very much.

And since then I have promised to try to be nice during flights (“try” being the operative word). Why this post? Because my attempt today was a failure—you do not wake me from my nap just to hand over the earphones! That’s the look I gave my seatmate earlier today. 😦


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