He’s Back! (Part 2, A Long Overdue Post)

(This is a sequel to this entry.)

In fighting form.


He’s back in the country, in the state university, and in teaching yoga.


You know he’s back in the shala when you hear “shh!” to keep the class focused. Yup, I love it when he maintains class discipline (er, do I sound like a high school teacher? or a college prefect?).

I know he’s back when I get bound hands and feet in supta kurmasana–yes, he’s one of the only two teachers (so far) who can bind me in SK.

Happy to be with my Ashtanga teacher again! I should have posted this entry last month and would have started it with this:

This time five years ago, I was introduced to Ashtanga in a one-on-one session. Few months later, I became an official Ashtanga convert.  Yes, he had me with squash and string beans! (Read this related post: https://varrahyoga.wordpress.com/2008/07/04/yoga-with-jogas/)

Go catch him at Yoga Manila Ortigas every Monday and Thursday at 7am and at Yoga Manila Quezon City every Thursday at 6:30pm.

Welcome back, Jon!


Had Yoga Manila opened a photo competition with Jon as subject, I would have good chances of winning. Skinhead, shaggy, long-haired, or clean-cut Jon? Artsy or photo journalistic shots? Name it! 😛


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