My temperament would most likely deny that I practice yoga. I often break the common perception of yogi: calm, silent, nice, and good at sitting and meditating.  That’s because I hate it when people are inconsiderate with others and I make sure to send the message to the guilty party. I do not sugarcoat the truth. Efficiency is my middle name and any form of waste irritates me. There are just a lot of things I do not, cannot take sitting down.

Yogis sit a lot...not!

Yogis sit a lot…not!

Sri Swami Satchidananda said, “I don’t worry about the future. If you take care of the present, the future will be taken care of.” However, he also said  “Don’t sit there and visualize it and enjoy thinking that way and waste your time. Instead, take your time to go and dig a hole and put in at least one seed. Sow the right seed now.” Visualizing the future will not do the trick–hard work in the present moment would. Of course, the Divine will provide and will make the seed grow, but someone has to sow it first.

August 26 Million People's March at the Rizal Park (photo by Jon Cagas, grabbed from his FB account)

August 26 Million People’s March at the Rizal Park (photo by Jon Cagas, grabbed from his FB account)

Social injustice and corruption are just few of the things I do not take sitting down. However, I am not always brave; I am not Supergirl after all. That morning of August 26, as I prepared to go shala for my yoga practice, I was hesistant to join the rally afterwards BUT, I packed a white shirt (as the organizers instructed the public) and brought my travel mat (I did not want to carry around my bulky, regular mat) JUST IN CASE the universe calls me. How would I know? If someone, just one person, from the shala would go to rally after practice, then I would go. Lo and behold, YT was off to Rizal Park (after brunch, that is…see, we are human, we also need to eat). So I joined him to protest against the rampant and systemic corruption in the government (the pork barrel system, go google it!). We sowed what we believed could be the seed for this nation’s political and social reform.

During my practice that morning, I offered the day not for peace, but for reform, for change…just as what YT said in his caption.



P.S. Dear priest who said the homily last Sunday, we did not go to this rally, we do not protest against wrongdoing, simply to avoid armed conflicts. I do what I do for social justice; for the nobler ones, they do this to show compassion for the poor who should have benefitted from the billions of tax money stolen. At the very least, it is responding to every human being’s call to do what is right and to serve others.


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