Moon Day…

…Not! But this song could very well be my moon day theme. Fell in love with it eons ago when I heard a seemingly homeless man play it on violin in a train station.

C Am F C F
Moon River wider than a mile, I’m crossing

C Dm7 E7 Am C7 F
you in style some day. Old dream maker, you heart

Bb9-5 Am Am7 F#m7-5 B7 Em7 A7 Dm7 G7
breaker, wherever you’re going I’m going your way

C Am F C F C
Two drifters, off to see the world, there’s such a lot of world

Dm7 E7 Am Am7 F#m7-5 F7 C
to see. We’re after the same rainbow’s end

Waiting round the bend, my Huckleberry friend,

Am Dm G7 C C
Moon River and me.


It is not my duty to tame someone’s ego but at the very least, I can help the person by not inflating it (further). The thing is, in our society, even in popular self-help materials, low-esteem issues are often addressed by boosting the ego instead of enabling people to confront and accept reality: what is and is not; what one can and cannot do; what can be controlled and what should be entrusted to the Higher Power.  Live and let live–I can do that but what annoys me really is when ego expresses itself as sense of entitlement. >:-(


I read this somewhere: Love is forgiving of mistakes, but not of betrayal.



Practiced for five consecutive days and tomorrow is led class. It is not really the led class per se that I fear but the one doing the count 😛 Should I go? A friend says, why would I pay to be tortured? She makes sense, ha! Well, as I always say, I leave my yoga life to destiny. Planning is overrated.


One thought on “Moon Day…

  1. Epilogue:

    I tried. Really. Although I got up late, still I rushed to dress up into my yoga attire and went to the terminal. Past six in the morning and I was still there waiting…class starts at 7 and there was no way for me to be there on time. Turned around and went home. Deja vu. Same scenario Wednesday last week. “Not meant,” I consoled myself. Sometimes, things do not work out despite the effort you exert. Lesson learned: you won’t get disappointed (er, not so much) when you leave the choice to the Universe (that I fondly called destiny). 🙂 I guess the Universe is telling me to rest today, especially that something popped when I bent forward this morning 😦


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