Believing in the Goodness of Humanity

Once again.

Yes, at one point, I seem to have lost that faith. Today, however, is not only a productive day for me; it is also filled with goodness, from strangers with genuinely good hearts.

At the start of the day, on my way to the shala, I chanced upon a very unassuming taxi driver. Commuting from our place has been a challenge beginning this month so I had to take a cab and I was already expecting that the driver would negotiate for his rate (usually, Php50 to Php100 on top of the meter reading). That, or he would refuse me a ride. But he readily said yes; no qualms, no drama. Besides, his meter was accurate, not tampered. When I got off, I handed him my fare plus tip. He asked me, “Ma’am, are you giving me this whole amount (which, by the way, is not a lot)?” and then thanked me. I wish we had more taxi drivers like him.

After practice and a quick brunch, I proceeded to the airline ticketing office. WOW, no line. And more so, the staff who attended to me was competent–he knew what he was saying, advised me appropriately, answered my every question patiently, and made sure that my mom and I would not have any trouble during our flights. I was done in 30 minutes! Certainly, it was my first time to have encountered a helpful and friendly airline staff (Oh yeah, I have an epic-long horror experiences with them!). I left smiling.

Then off to the bank. Since today is Monday, I expected long queues. Surprisingly, my wait did not last five minutes. My transactions were also a bit complex, so I asked the teller what was the easiest way to go about my tasks at hand. Guess what. I was referred to the customer service. All I had to do was sign a couple of documents and wait–a few moments later, all my tasks were accomplished…by the bank staff. Amazing.

On my way home, I took the shuttle. Normally, these transports would cut their trip for efficiency–okay, I get that, but for me transport operation is public service more than profit-making activity. It is fine with me to walk a considerable distance (I do that in Makati–I barely take a cab going around the business district) as long as there is a safe place for pedestrian. So I asked the shuttle driver if he would let me get off at terminal. He said yes and even furthered “I am actually going downtown. Where are you heading?” Wow! It means I would get off just a few meters from our house. I offered to pay extra, which he refused with a smile. WOW.

To all these strangers who made my life easier today, made me smile, and made me believe again in the goodness of humanity, THANK YOU. May your goodness be returned to you a hundredfold. And may God give me the grace to pay it forward.






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