Note to Self No.6.2: Love, Like Yoga

It is the small things done regularly that build or break the body.

Here are some articles why chaturanga dandasana, when done incorrectly, can be harmful:

Jump Back To Chaturanga…. (Without Tearing Your Supraspinatus Tendon!)

Wear and Care

Preventing shoulder injury in yoga

“Chaturanga dandasana presents a significant challenge and test of true shoulder strength and integrity. If you jump into it too quickly, relying on your chest and arm strength, you risk injury. But if you approach it progressively and mindfully, you will succeed in cultivating a strong and open-hearted posture with good stability and without the pain that comes from instability and misalignment.”

I think this is true for all postures–do not rush into it lest you risk injury. Slow progress, yes, but progress still.

And yes, it is not the one-time, big-time heroic act that makes love work. It is the small things done regularly, patiently, and lovingly that make a difference.

It is also the small things accumulating over time that break the beloved’s heart…oh well, the camel’s back.


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