9 Things about Me That Only Yogins Would Understand

(Or maybe even some of them won’t.)

1. I cut my hair short when YT cut my practice (and haven’t succeeded growing it since).  My non-yoga friends went “What?! Why? Why such an emotional investment? It’s just yoga.” Excuse me. It’s NOT JUST yoga.

2. I cry when I get frustrated over a posture–either that which I used to do but could not anymore or that which I never get to do despite years of training.

3.  I have 10 yoga towels; my mats though are now down to three.

4. I read anatomy books alongside development economics, institutionalism, and economic anthropology.

5. I wake up at 3:45am for yoga.

6. Around  80% of my weekly laundry is yoga-related stuff.

7. My laptop and mat travel together; sometimes, I go with my mat, sans the computer.

8. I miss my long, polished nails (hmmm, but not for long 😉 )

9. Sometimes I wrap my right big toe with gauze–burn, baby, burn!


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