Repost: The Truth About Ashtanga Yoga by Jessica Blanchard

Read the full article here.

If I were to write a subtitle, it would be “A Must-Read for All Ashtanga Practitioners”.

My reaction to each point raised:

1. “Non-violence (ahimsa) is the first yama of the eight limbs, and in Sanskrit writing the most important. Being violent to oneself goes against an extremely important concept of yoga. The second yama, truthfulness (satya), helps us to see and be honest with ourselves about what we are doing.” Is there any shala that teaches the first two limbs before asanas? I would like to go. If this cannot be done, I think yamas and niyamas should at least be incorporated in the asana practice.

2. “If you get stressed over your diet, then you are missing the whole point.”

3. I had been an introvert long before I started Ashtanga.

4. Ashtanga fails in this area in my case. Ha! So looking forward to becoming a convert. 😛

5. Yeah, I will also do that pose while pregnant!

6. I have learned the lesson the hard, painful way. Still, learning.

7. “Worry about your own practices.” This one cannot be overemphasized.

8. Only when it is absolutely necessary. It takes a lot of motivation on my part to wake up at 3:45am to be in the shala by 6:30++am. Sleeping for two more hours and practicing at home instead is always a very tempting option.

9. “I’m learning all about Karma yoga.” I think Karma yoga is underrated.

10. Some things in life do not require us to seek moral compass; all they take is common sense.


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