My Portrait

This is how my six-year-old niece sees me. Of course, she’s biased–I am her favorite, she says.

chona by sarah

Me (over skype): Wow! Is that me? I see hearts and stars….

Niece: And peace signs. Did you see the peace signs?

I do not know what to make out of this portrait. I saw a few times already how she drew her mom (my sister), her dad, her grandma (my mom), and herself (always with curly lashes, unlike the rest of us). They were just ovals with a couple of dots for eyes, a “u” for smiling lips, and lines for their hair. Mine having stars, hearts, and peace signs just gave me goosebumps. Or maybe I am just overanalyzing things or overly reading between the lines.

Oh, and my niece claims she’s a psychic. 😛


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