Yoga and Anatomy

My torso is short, my legs are long, my arms are short…I used to say these lines as funny excuses to being unable to do certain yoga poses. At least, some teachers made me believe that anatomical differences are just excuses. But you see, I did measure my torso–it is shorter by two inches than the average adult’s. So what’s two inches?



Try making a knot out of a four-inch ribbon…then out of a two-inch ribbon. Yes, two inches make a big difference! How much more in a human body? I am now drawn to anatomy, as I have discovered it as a new way of loving my body, loving myself.

Someone asked what kind of yoga I practice nowadays because I do not go to a studio anymore. I said, I do my yoga: I do what my body can and what my body needs. I guess I am doing something right because a few weeks back, my left shoulder which had been “dislocated” (pilay in Filipino, not sure about my translation) since December last year popped back into its right place while just watching TV. WHAT A RELIEF.

Starting to learn anatomy with this video. I hope to watch the rest of the series soon.







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