I’m Back! (For the Umpteenth Time)

This is officially my first entry as an out-of-school…adult.

Since I have been doing my yoga for the last nine months, during the home stretch of my schooling, I could relate to this post very much (except perhaps to the community part) in more ways than one.

Less competition, more community. Less intimidation, more motivation. Less ambition, more transition.”

Full article here.

And this was also my message last week during a lecture-workshop I delivered to bank professionals. You could smell competition several blocks away from the venue. Competition per se is not bad if it does not keep you from getting things done. But it does.

We were brought up to be the best and the brightest and I practically spent half of my life in institutions that made their people think this way. But if one engages in competition, only one wins; the rest loses. In the school of ordinary people where I spent my last four years and recently graduated, people were generally helpful–maybe because we did recognize that we needed help, because we were not the best and the brightest (although I met really brilliant people in that place). Collaboration gets things done. In collaboration, everybody wins.

So the next time I deliver this course, I will keep this lesson in mind.



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