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wilbur.jpgNo, folks, varrah yoga is not a new branch of yoga. The idea started one night after a yoga class when I hitched a ride with a yogini friend, Crissy, and yoga teacher, Pio Baquiran. On our way home, we were discussing our Chinese zodiac signs: Crissy was born on the year of the rabbit, while Pio on the monkey year. “Hanumanasana!” I exclaimed when I heard Pio’s sign. In yoga, the term refers to the monkey pose. There is also rabbit pose or sasangasana. I am born on the year of the boar, which in Sanskrit is “varrah”. Although the boar was Krishna’s third incarnation, no asana was made in its honor. Well, I don’t think I could ever change the yoga system to include “varrahasana”, as if I could come up a new posture, so I just coin a new term “varrah yoga” to mean a boar doing yoga. That’s me =D


5 thoughts on “About the URL


    This explanation almost made me fall off my chair!

    Let’s see…since this animal is known for its snorts, isn’t there some kind of nostril breathing or pranayama technique they can call “varrah”? 🙂

  2. Hi Jane! Remember there was a time I was awakened by the sound of my ujjayi while sleeping? THAT was really deep breathing. But most of the time, I think I do “varrah” breathing in my sleep =D

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