A Prayer for a Dwelling

(Taken from the Article “The Yogi Who Loved Jesus“)

May the good and heroic
and bountiful souls of the saints come here,
and may they go hand in hand with us,
giving the healing virtues of their blessed gifts
as widespread as the earth,
as far-flung as the rivers,
as high-reaching as the sun,
or the furtherance of better men,
for the increase of abundance and glory.

May obedience conquer disobedience within this house;
may peace triumph here over discord;
free-hearted giving over avarice;
truthful speech over deceit;
reverence over contempt.
That our minds be delighted,
and our souls uplifted,
let our bodies be glorified as well;
and O Light Divine, may we see Thee,
and may we, approaching, come round about Thee,
and attain unto Thine entire companionship!


One thought on “A Prayer for a Dwelling

  1. thank you for posting the prayer. I am beginning to learn more about Paramahansa Yogananda and was curious about the prayer mentioned in the latter part of the book. What a beautiful prayer it is.

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