Because Energy Cannot Be Destroyed

Me and My Guru 😉

A couple of months before I started my yoga journey, I met my guru who introduced me to the world of energy and the chakras. One of the things that fascinated me was the proposition in the book he shared with me, Power versus Force: that humans live at vastly different levels of energy or “consciousness” on a logarithmic scale of 1-1000 and any person, concept, thought or object that calibrates at 200 (the level of integrity) or above is positive (“power”) while anything below 200 is negative (“force”). This concept made me understand better my friend who taught me that construction workers speak their own language and you need to speak it as well for them to understand you (read: for them to do what you want them to do). I initially thought he was mean; but the book suggests that there is no way one can change the way low-energy people behave–lying, living in disorder, etc. “Kailan mo silang bulyawan para sumunod, kundi hindi nila gagawin ang trabaho nila (You need to yell at them so they would do their jobs.)” Of course this is not intended to judge or offend all the construction workers; needless to say, my friend is speaking from his experience with his own staff. But you get the drift.

Another lesson I learned from my guru is that the things around us create and/or affect our energy. I am obsessive-complusive (OC); I notice the slight changes in my things, so I know right away when someone messes up with them. And it really, really, irks me! One day, I noticed my pencil holder in the office wasn’t in its place so I screamed “who worked on my desk?!” My co-worker was quick to admit and apologize though. “Grabe ka naman, napansin mo, hiniram ko lang yung ballpen mo sandali pero sinauli ko naman. (Wow! You noticed. I just used your ballpen for a moment but put it back  in the holder.)” But I digress. The guru said that it is good keep our energy channels clean and in order so that energy can flow easily, and that means keeping our things organized. That the environment we create is a reflection of our state of mind is true.


My five-month old pup used to be a sweet darling…until she learned to chew up on a lot of things around the house. Our front yard was a mess every morning. Last week, our help took a day off so the cleaning was left to me. OM. OC that I am, I cleaned up every nook and cranny of our yard. Voila! My pup behaved very well the whole day until the next!

On the third day, she pulled and chewed on our aloe vera plants (was she empathizing with me?). So what gives, I wondered. I plotted my observations–she misbehaves when our help feeds her dinner and does otherwise when I do. Not to demean our help but she is the type who throws her trash anywhere in the house even if there’s a bin in her room and lies through her teeth–a sign of low energy level.

It just amazes me to realize and actually see how my energy can be transferred to?affect? another living thing.


I thought this concept of energy transference is something I make up in my mind. I have always believed that yoga teachers transfer to their students their own energy so that when YT experiences low-energy level, s/he finds it difficult to “enable” me to do certain poses. On the other hand, during her/his high-energy days, I could do some asanas miraculously. Adjustments, I think, require not only strength and skill, but also energy transference.

Not only the teachers, mind you. Even the students affect one another. I can sometimes feel someone’s unstable or heavy energy in class. Oh well, I hope my energy does not affect my yogamates in a negative way. 😦

Even outside of the shala, there are times when I am extra sensitive to other people’s energy. I not only expend energy, I also absorb energy! The thing is, sometimes I cannot/do not discern the frequency I pick up. Some people just zap my energy, while other’s delightful energy is simply contagious!

Oh well, as Einstein said, “energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another”…or channeled from entity to another. And why not? We live in one world, one system after all. So what to do with the low-energy entities? Either avoid them or deal with them…because negative energy cannot be destroyed and positive energy cannot be created.




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